Coach factory outlet after Li Meili to understand that the original is sophomore few boys to play here

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So easy and accompanied boring work , inadvertently in the past most of the day , three or four o'clock in the afternoon , when an emergency call to defend the room suddenly sounded , the headmaster came commanded .

In addition to a security guard to stay on the job , the other person immediately rushed to the school's basketball court with the fastest speed.

Coach factory outlet and coach bags, after consultation , immediately rushed toward the basketball court , and soon went to the stadium if the big blue , this time on the basketball court wearing a jersey stood dozens of boys , these boys divided into two sides , carefully look at it , even I was surprised that people found to have a party with several people linked to the color .

Li Meili as headmaster , natural rush over for the first time , along with nearly twenty security gathered here , but with the blue field above forty or fifty boys than up significantly disadvantaged lot.

Coach factory outlet after Li Meili to understand that the original is sophomore few boys to play here , I do not know how to play here provoke the same group of junior boys , who were beaten , then development is front of the case , both sides have come to a lot of classmates and friends to help out.

Coach factory outlet looking at parked a few meters away in the Q7

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" More than one million cars really is not bad ah !" Coach factory outlet looking at parked a few meters away in the Q7, could not help but just enjoy a lot of praise .

Driving is a twenty-one old handsome young man , with a deputy gold spectacles , polite as pie . After he got off , the deputy walked down a cab also wearing a light blue dress and beautiful tall woman.

"Well, it's not my crush who lived opposite thing ! Did not think she was a student of this school , but did not think she had such a rich boyfriend , alas ! Evidently I had wasted even fantasy ." coach factory outlet online Hey smiled .

Beautiful woman also noticed Coach factory outlet, surprised a moment, apparently he did not expect to encounter in school , then that is a white eyes , put his head fiercely in the past , it seems Coach factory outlet wretched image to its mind caused a great impact on it!

Coach factory outlet not mind smile, no matter how beautiful the woman , with his familiar , but not their own, no two people communication, then there is no need to call each other how to look up .

Uniforms for good after , Coach factory outlet has just walked into the guard room door , he saw two black one Wang Xing .

"Wang last night, pretty intense fighting it !" Coach factory outlet to immediately laughed.

"Alas ! Gun did not play , did not put the gun , playing war games did not smoke ." Wang Xing quite helpless to answer.

Coach factory outlet worry Li Meili drunk driving unsafe

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Dayton supper to eat a little late , a little after the turn almost bell was dispersed , Coach factory outlet and Wang Xing , Yang finish the first three of a case of beer , then another few bottles of wine, and then went up even wine Dounong , the good news does not generally three drinker , even Li Meili also followed Helehaoji bottles of beer , is not very beginning to adapt to this place after her drinking, but also to simply let go and mingle with the crowd .

When finally dispersed , Coach factory outlet worry Li Meili drunk driving unsafe , so specifically to Wang Xing pushed her Audi Q5, so he drove her home . Two people drank wine ,coach factory outlet online sale patience and a bit chaotic, an unmarried , one is not married , if the point of what really happened , nor is it a bad thing thing ! Coach factory outlet thinking about his perfect plan hey straight smile , and not be slow to go on the road home.

At this point, a large nightclub inside the Tuen Mun District

" .. Brother, things like that ." Head, hands wrapped around the gauze of a man in front of a respectful toward the man said , and this man is not long ago was Coach factory outlet lesson treasure brother , but now pair of image more in keeping with his name only.

So let Po , Tuen Mun brother respectful person, there is no doubt his brother, Red Stick Tuen Mun district that is one of the so-called thugs gold curls up .

Coach factory outlet suddenly changed earlier laughing face

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Coach factory outlet suddenly changed earlier laughing face , his face instantly chill enveloped , an aggressive gas emission crazy , standing beside Yang could not help but shiver .

"Once I was an enemy called mad wolf, soiled hands do not know how much blood, though now and then I do not want his hands stained with blood, just want to live a quiet , comfortable life / but if they are 12 and again two or three the ungrateful , I do not mind letting them see a mad wolf is terrible . "

"Alas ! All my hurt you, if I were ten years younger , maybe I will have to do battle with you side by side with the momentum built up , but now really is not. Later you if there is anything I can do to help , Although come to me a good pull ! " Yang watching the nearly twenty years younger than their young , felt as if watching a mystery in general , can not see nothing.

" Who says what hurt anyone , man , regardless of age , but regardless of who is who had , after never stop to say , gone , we drank two bottles to go ." Coach factory outlet hugged Yang laughed this pair has a son ages young and old , at this moment has a brotherhood .

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