Coach factory outlet looking at parked a few meters away in the Q7

13. ledna 2014 v 8:28 | Coach factory outlet
" More than one million cars really is not bad ah !" Coach factory outlet looking at parked a few meters away in the Q7, could not help but just enjoy a lot of praise .

Driving is a twenty-one old handsome young man , with a deputy gold spectacles , polite as pie . After he got off , the deputy walked down a cab also wearing a light blue dress and beautiful tall woman.

"Well, it's not my crush who lived opposite thing ! Did not think she was a student of this school , but did not think she had such a rich boyfriend , alas ! Evidently I had wasted even fantasy ." coach factory outlet online Hey smiled .

Beautiful woman also noticed Coach factory outlet, surprised a moment, apparently he did not expect to encounter in school , then that is a white eyes , put his head fiercely in the past , it seems Coach factory outlet wretched image to its mind caused a great impact on it!

Coach factory outlet not mind smile, no matter how beautiful the woman , with his familiar , but not their own, no two people communication, then there is no need to call each other how to look up .

Uniforms for good after , Coach factory outlet has just walked into the guard room door , he saw two black one Wang Xing .

"Wang last night, pretty intense fighting it !" Coach factory outlet to immediately laughed.

"Alas ! Gun did not play , did not put the gun , playing war games did not smoke ." Wang Xing quite helpless to answer.

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