Coach factory outlet suddenly changed earlier laughing face

13. ledna 2014 v 6:58 | Coach factory outlet
Coach factory outlet suddenly changed earlier laughing face , his face instantly chill enveloped , an aggressive gas emission crazy , standing beside Yang could not help but shiver .

"Once I was an enemy called mad wolf, soiled hands do not know how much blood, though now and then I do not want his hands stained with blood, just want to live a quiet , comfortable life / but if they are 12 and again two or three the ungrateful , I do not mind letting them see a mad wolf is terrible . "

"Alas ! All my hurt you, if I were ten years younger , maybe I will have to do battle with you side by side with the momentum built up , but now really is not. Later you if there is anything I can do to help , Although come to me a good pull ! " Yang watching the nearly twenty years younger than their young , felt as if watching a mystery in general , can not see nothing.

" Who says what hurt anyone , man , regardless of age , but regardless of who is who had , after never stop to say , gone , we drank two bottles to go ." Coach factory outlet hugged Yang laughed this pair has a son ages young and old , at this moment has a brotherhood .

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