Coach factory outlet worry Li Meili drunk driving unsafe

13. ledna 2014 v 7:00 | Coach factory outlet
Dayton supper to eat a little late , a little after the turn almost bell was dispersed , Coach factory outlet and Wang Xing , Yang finish the first three of a case of beer , then another few bottles of wine, and then went up even wine Dounong , the good news does not generally three drinker , even Li Meili also followed Helehaoji bottles of beer , is not very beginning to adapt to this place after her drinking, but also to simply let go and mingle with the crowd .

When finally dispersed , Coach factory outlet worry Li Meili drunk driving unsafe , so specifically to Wang Xing pushed her Audi Q5, so he drove her home . Two people drank wine ,coach factory outlet online sale patience and a bit chaotic, an unmarried , one is not married , if the point of what really happened , nor is it a bad thing thing ! Coach factory outlet thinking about his perfect plan hey straight smile , and not be slow to go on the road home.

At this point, a large nightclub inside the Tuen Mun District

" .. Brother, things like that ." Head, hands wrapped around the gauze of a man in front of a respectful toward the man said , and this man is not long ago was Coach factory outlet lesson treasure brother , but now pair of image more in keeping with his name only.

So let Po , Tuen Mun brother respectful person, there is no doubt his brother, Red Stick Tuen Mun district that is one of the so-called thugs gold curls up .

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